If you are interested in joining High Peak Budo or just want to know more feel free to contact Wayne on 07853 104688 or via email at highpeakbudo@gmail.com. You can even just turn up to either our Glossop or Chinley dojos to watch a traning session or even take part as the first lesson is free so why not come down and try jujitsu first hand.

Initially you will be able to train in any suitable sports equipment, jogging pants and t-shirt but after a while you will need to buy a traditional martial arts training uniform known as a gi. As jujitsu is a grappling art it`s important to wear hard wearing durable clothing rather than something which is going to rip easily.

All equipment is provided by the club but if you prefer to use your own you can bring that along. We provide everything from light touch sparring padding to bokkens and jos for weapons training, we typically use light touch sparring so there is no need for gum shields.