High Peak Budo have been instructing traditional Jujitsu in Glossop and Chapel for over ten years. We have classes for adults and children aged between 6 and 16. New members are always welcome, the first lesson is free so why not come along for a whistle stop tour of the art.

Jujitsu is one of the most complete martial arts. It incorporates unarmed strikes, joint locks, chokes and throws. In addition to the empty hand techniques training is given in a number of different weapons including the Katana (Samurai sword) & Jo (mid length staff).

If you are interested in joining High Peak Budo or just want to know more feel free to contact Wayne on 07853 104688 or via email at highpeakbudo@gmail.com. You can even just turn up to either our Glossop or Chapel dojos to watch a traning session or even take part as the first lesson is free so why not come down and try jujitsu first hand.

We are a member of the Tokushima Budo Council International not only providing students training in Jujitsu the mother art but also the daughter disciplines of Judo, Aikido and Karate as well as regular events and courses

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